Rihanna is Officially Launching Fenty Skin

Just when you think Rihanna is doing it all – a rumored album, Savage X Fancy, Fantasy Beauty, Fantasy
House – she has proven she is not close to hitting her to-do list. Heres an example: Today, the star
announced that she would start skincare. And sooner than we all expected

Until March of the last year, when Rihanna presented a trademark to the United States Patent and
Trademark Office, Rihanna was working on financing. Trademark Skin Trademarks include
"Pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical skin, soap, body care and personal care products (excluding
only products from color cosmetics, perfume and other fragrances), and accessories such as kits, tools
and epilators.

In the same interview, Rihanna acknowledges that she has complete control over everything released by
Fantasy Beauty. From shadow names to marketing copy. Oh yeah! I wrote down all the copy, product
description, product name, color name for the website. I have a great team, but I don’t necessarily
think they are heads. I would feel like a fraud I couldnt sell.

This news is not surprising for fans, who for the first time felt that they had entered the trademark for
"Fantasy Skin" last spring. The filing includes kits and tools such as skincare, body care, personal care
products and accessories. Earlier, in 2017, a Twitter user observed a skincare filing under "House of
Fantasy, but nothing came of it.

As indicated by Forbes, entering into the worldwide healthy skin business is a brilliant move for
celebrity, with this class going up to $180 billion by 2024.
We will update this post when we find out more about the concept of skin release, which includes
products and prices.

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