Ian Somerhalder’s V Wars Series Cancelled on Netflix After One Season

Ian Somerhalder’s second vampire series is no more.

Netflix declared that the show won’t be returning for a second season, as indicated by The Hollywood Reporter. The gushing goliath likewise dropped October Faction, which propelled on January 5. V Wars previously debuted on December 5, 2019, making it one of only a handful few Netflix series to be stuck without a sequel renewal or cancellation after the principal month of its debut.

The series followed Ian Somerhalder’s character, Dr. Luther Swann, as he attempts to think of a solution for a prevalent virus that transforms people into vampires, including his closest companion. While another war begins to heighten between the new vampires and people, Luther attempts to figure out how to get them both to cooperate calmly before things deteriorate.

V-Wars (Courtesy Netflix)
V-Wars (Courtesy Netflix)

Fans, tragically, won’t become more acquainted with what occurs after the multi-month time bounce that occurred in the season finale. With Luther’s child, Dez, abducted, the finale gave a trace of what fans could’ve expected if the show returned for a second season.

Even though the show has not been renewed for season two, The Hollywood Reporter takes note of this can’t end of Ian’s new partnership with Netflix and that they are in talks for any future undertakings. Ian featured in the show, but on the other hand, was an official maker and directed one of the episodes.

Ian last requested fans to look at the series on his Instagram back on March 15 as he sat tight for news for the renewal.

While it may be the stopping point for this show, we certainly can hardly wait to perceive what is coming up.

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