Coronavirus Affecting the Tourism Industry Worldwide.

Corona virus the big story The World Health Organization says the cost of protective gear including face masks and gloves is now 20 times higher we told because of the corona virus. The risk of corona virus is much higher as compared to the past few months as its vital and disrupted.

The tourism industry is at stake due to corona virus as it leads to quarantine and isolation which is a must case to keep our loved one safe and sound. Corona virus has a deep impact on the tourism industry as it represents the backbone of the economic aspect in various states

As China is the fifth most international outbound market of tri-state regions such as South Africa, Pakistan and other economical states.  Corona virus in various states mostly in china leads to the global financial crisis more than 70 per cent internationally.

Many countries have imposed entry bans for visitors from areas most affected by the outbreak major airline like British Airways, Qatar airlines and Lufthansa have all cancelled flights to mainland especially China. About 95 thousand Chinese visit South Africa every year. What effect has the virus on local industry tourism? Like every other aspect, the local tourism industry deeply relies on small tourist trips which obviously in this time we require necessary prevention steps as like of joyriding.

Chinese tourists are the majority tourist that comes to South Africa, German-speaking European followed by the United Kingdom and another way around. USA and Italy are very relevant markets in the tourism industry. Italy has other substantial problems as it is the second Red Zone country in numbers of corona virus cases. As for tourism there is globally slowing down in the past few months. well of course prevention is better than treatment and for people, it’s sensible to take precautionary measures for prevention of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has more to be learned indeed it is growing increasingly. Business travels are more important trips rather than visiting trips as for ban airlines has very depraved circumstances on the economy. Big events and incentives are getting cancelled leading international Unresolved problems.

Cruise lines are also affected by the risk of virus left imperative deliveries and shipments across the globe for initials safety covers like masks and glove are not properly delivered in some states. COVID-19 causes overall economy drop down for about 8 per cent in China and 2 per cent globally.

For UAE is the 5th most constantly growing market in the tourism industry is a prodigious spot of visiting and a lot of Chinese and worldwide visitors around the globe visit annually. However, depending on the current situation the gulf state areas may experience a deep impact on the economy. According to BBC news, the gulf state areas can experience strong deficit as their economy deeply relies on travelling and tourism.

USA, of course, many controversies and theories are revolving around regarding bio warfare between two power leading countries. The situation between USA and China has been tense, to say the least, and it’s been trading borders but for the immediate impact, of course, it will affect the tourism industry and trades between governments.

If you look in 2004 tourism industry only 20 million people traveled outside of China in 2019 that’s 60 million people and that we expect 250 million people by the end of 2025 so it is a very important player in terms of the global economy and for the global tourism and perspective.

If we look at the immediate impacts of travel outside of China to the rest of the world there is going to be a drastic fall in the economy and can lead to severe economy drawbacks internationally.

To sum it up COVID-19 holds drastic effects on the tourism industry and economy globally and have immediate changes whether it’s South Africa, the gulf and even most powered countries are bearing its consequences.

Visiting trips business trips and different sorts of trades are being affected by hideous effects of COVID-19. For now, governments are taking necessary steps for prevention of the virus.

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