Best Free VPN for 2020

So you are in the market for a free VPN service. Within the world of VPNs free is not always the way to go.

As with any investments, whether it be your time, money, or in case of security. It is important to have research and understand what free exactly means to you.

The network has its own recoup, its cost somehow with certain VPN providers they could potentially make their money off of your data on the backend by logging from any perspective

But relying on any unknown VPN provider can affect your privacy and data security or even spread malware on your device.

So is there a really a free VPN option out there that won’t maliciously take advantage of you or your data once leveraging services.

In this article, we will be covering the best VPN service for you to look into and get yourself the best VPN for your use.

1. ProtonVPN:

Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020 FREE VPn

ProtonVPN leverages encryptions on par with that used by the military as well as no-fail and reliable kill switch.

There are also open to peer to peer or P2P network traffic. ProtonVPN is operated from very cybersecurity-focused and privacy-friendly jurisdictions and yet the unsurpassed  free VPN for windows

As a user on a free plan, you can be assured that your data is encrypted and your information is not logged on their servers mined and then sold for the profits at all times.

All of these factors combined make ProtonVPN a big contender in the free VPN realm and the number one free VPN for windows you can get your hands on. Some of the pros and cons are provided accordingly


  • Unlimited data
  • Strong encryption
  • No data leaks
  • No server restrictions


  • One device per account
  • No advanced security features

2.Hotspot Shield:

Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020 Free VPN Free Vpn

Hotspot shield still comes in at a close second as the most popular and taunts this title proudly with 600 million users to back it.

With this many users wouldn’t that create a huge burden on networks? The answer is no having their servers all over the globe makes hotspot shield best VPN especially if you are looking for streaming.

In addition to being the most popular, they are also likely the world’s fastest in the VPNs realm. Rather than in windows they are considered the best free VPN for android.


  • Fastest free VPN service available
  • Adequate security


  • Possible user overload in the future

3.Windscribe VPN:

Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020 FREE VPN

The Windscibe offering lifts the same security feature you can get with any premium VPNs which is almost unheard of these days.

Very few other VPNs offer this with their free service, and for that reason, Windscribe has made our list of the best free VPN out there today.

For example, you will receive their ad blocker, leak protection, and time zone proofing.

This VPN is also easy to understand and to work with this minimalistic design it shouldn’t be an inconvenience to end-users.

Dealing with some cons it can still be a great option for different platforms such as iOS and Android.


  • No logging policy
  • Strong privacy feature as in premium version
  • User friendly


  • Slower speed
  • Occasional connection drops


Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020 FREE VPN

TunnelBear would have made it higher on our list if it wasn’t on the glaringly obvious hurdle of its low 500 MB monthly bandwidth limit.

This can be more or less a dangling carrot on a stick constructed by the company to get users to try their paid versions. Despite this TunnelBear free service still offers everything that you want when looking for a free VPN.

Tunnelbear is yet to be considered a good VPN when it comes to data safety and security. Tunnelbear provides a quick reliable kill switch reducing chances of connection dropouts. 


  • Powerful encryption
  • Reliable kill switch
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited bandwidth

5. VPN:

Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020Best Free VPN for 2020 FREE VPN is a Malaysian VPN company providing optimal speed and decent security to your credentials comes at number 5. VPN offers all of the security measures that you would expect to find in a premium VPN package.

This includes similar qualities like any other similar paid VPNs. This may be another free VPN if you are attending for streaming or general privacy.


  • Strong encryption
  • IP leak protection
  • No-logging policy
  • Reliable kill switch


  • 2GB data cap
  • No Netflix

So for those out there looking for free VPN for streaming activities you can always check your options.

With that said whether or not this free VPN service is the right one for you, all depends on your individual needs.

If you think you will need a large amount of data or had your hope set on binge-watching a series or two VPN may not be the right choice and you can go with hotspot or Windscribe

Alternatively if you plan on sharing small to moderate-sized files via a P2P network or looking for general privacy measures that a VPN can offer VPN may the choice you can go with.

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